Information Technology Agreement (ITA)

by KITOS ADMINISTRATOR   |   March 16, 2017

ITA is the first and most significant tariff liberalization arrangement negotiated in the WTO after its establishment in 1995. It then led to the elimination of import duties on technology products which in 2013 accounted for an estimate of US$ 1.6 trillion, almost three times as much as when it was signed in 1996.

A study done in 2005 listed Kenya among the African countries with high potential of becoming a digital economy by the increased use of ICT for development.The original Information Technology Agreement (ITA) was reached on 13 December 1996, through a “Ministerial Declaration on trade in Information Technology Products”, at the WTO Ministerial Conference held in Singapore.

World Trade Organization is releasing a publication for the 20th anniversary of the Information Technology Agreement (ITA 1) which reduced or eliminated tariffs on more than 200 ICT products.

The ITA covers a large number of high technology products, such as;

  1. Computers
  2. Telecommunication equipment
  3. Semiconductors
  4. Software
  5. Scientific instruments
  6. Semiconductor manufacturing and testing equipment.

Subscribed initially by 29 members in 1997, participation quickly increased to 82 members as of 2016.

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