Synergy Informatics

by KITOS ADMINISTRATOR   |   December 6, 2017

Synergy informatics is a knowledge-based software development company that provides information and technology (IT) services to the Health care industry.

We harness skills from the two worlds of Medicine and IT to promote interdisciplinary approaches to using information in solving day to day medical challenges and creating new frontiers in medical practice. Our staff comprise IT professionals, Medical practitioners, Medical Informaticians, clinical epidemiologists and statisticians with broad international experience.

We provide quality solutions for In-service Medical education, Medical practice & compliance and Medical research, as well as IT Consultancy services.

Our mission is to utilize information technology to improve access, quality and safety of healthcare by collaborating and partnering with individual health practitioners, medical institutions, government or nongovernmental agencies

We aim to be a major IT service provider and a leading performer in providing quality solutions that support processes in the healthcare sector.

01 Shivachi Rd, Westlands, Nairobi

For more information please visit Synergy

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