About Us
Who we are

KITOS is a Trade Association representing Kenyan Information Technology Enabled Service (IT & ITeS) member businesses. We support our members by creating and sustaining a robust and effective ecosystem of valuable local and international partners to empower our members to overcome internal and external challenges that constrain the sustainability and growth of their enterprises.


To be the most respected IT and Outsourcing body in Kenya to help our members leverage on emerging opportunities.


To be the Industry Catalyst for Kenyan Information Technology Enabled Services (ITeS) Entrepreneurs and Companies.

Main Objectives

  • Provision of services such as capacity building and marketing opportunities to enable IT & ITES SME companies to become globally competitive
  • Advocacy and lobbying for policies that support the IT & ITES/BPO sector in Kenya
  • Promotion of industry collaboration through the establishment of new partnerships
  • Development and implementation of strong industry standards

  1. Promote initiatives that would result in job creation within the ITeS industry

  2. Market and Position Kenyan ITeS companies for growth in local and export markets
  3. Nurture ITeS SME companies towards becoming globally competitive
  4. Lobby and position local companies for inclusion in government ICT procurement and participation in government ICT Projects as per the Kenyan ICT Master Plan 2014
  5. Advocate for policies that support ITeS/BPO sector growth, job creation and encourage foreign direct investment in the sector
  6. Develop and implement strong industry standards that will result in Kenya attracting new venture creations, and committing to excellence in local ICT Sector and Governance
  7. Strengthen and/or develop new partnerships, including strong Public-Private-Partnerships, as well as partnerships with multinational corporations, encourage industry collaboration
  8. Influence and shape policy initiatives which impact the industry, through education of government, media, special interest groups and the public

Why Join KITOS


As a KITOS member your business can profit from a variety of exclusive benefits, including:

  • Your company profile featured on KITOS website
  • Your company profile listed in the KITOS Export Directory
  • Opportunity to be featured in KITOS e-newsletters
  • International and local networking events
  • Business to business (B2Bs) events
  • Meetings with potential investors
  • Discounted rates for participation in industry-specific events
  • Access to a Directory of services and solutions offered by members
  • Trade information on sector available to members
  • Access to an online portal – KITOS ecommerce (currently in development)
  • Entrepreneurship training and coaching
  • Technical support
  1. VOICE
  • Platform that ensures your collective voice is heard through our memberships at Kenya Provate Sector Alliance (KEPSA) and Kenya Associaton of Manufacturers (KAM) and our relationship with ICTA and other partners