Membership Guidelines

KITOS is Kenya’s IT and outsourcing Services Limited – a company limited by guarantee under Kenya. KITOS act as the catalyst for the growth of the IT & Outsourcing Services sector in Kenya by facilitation of trade and business, encouragement and advancement of research and innovation, propagation of education and employment thereby enabling the growth of the Kenyan economy.

Current and Potential Members are encouraged to review our guidelines enumerated here;

Code of Conduct

All members of KITOS are bound to conform to the Code of Conduct of the Company, as under:

  • We will act ethically and transparently in all our business dealings, and preserve the good name of our company, KITOS, the IT and outsourcing sectors and our country Kenya in all our activities and relationships.
  • We will treat our employees fairly, pay a competitive wage and have reasonable terms of employment and termination, including for casual, part-time or short-term staff.
  • We’ll have reasonable shift hours and general working conditions including health and safety. Since our employees are seated at computers for long periods, we’ll make sure their workspaces minimize damage to eyes and backs.  Workspaces will be well ventilated and lit.
  • We will observe intellectual property rights for software and digital content, including using licensed software in our internal operations.
  • We will keep customer data confidential and take measures to ensure its security while we have access to it.
  • We will use staff appropriate to the required jobs, properly trained and supervised, to ensure good quality services.
  • We’ll use environmentally friendly approaches wherever possible and in particular energysaving devices and measures.
  • We’ll maintain backup, continuity and recovery measures to avoid unreliability in serving customers.
  • We’ll use service level agreements and performance metrics to demonstrate, measure and improve our competence and performance.
  • We will document our procedures and continuously improve them, understanding that service quality is the key underpinning of our own reputation and that of our sector and country.
  • We will participate in the community as advocates for our sector, as stakeholders in our industry and as taxpayers and citizens of the country.

We will participate in KITOS activities aimed at enhancing the quality of services provided in our industry, including working towards certification, appraisal and independent review of our operations.

Membership Enrollment Process

To enroll as a Member of KITOS follow a simple three-step process: 

  1. Fill the Membership Application Form
  2. Attach all the documents mentioned in the Checklist of Documents
  3. Enclose the necessary remittances

Membership Categories


Locally Owned & Registered Company / Partnership that has been in operation for 0-2years and has less than 5 permanent employees

2. SME:

Locally Owned Limited Liability Company/ Partnership that has been in operation for 3-10 years and has less than 20 permanent employees.


Established locally owned ITES Company / Partnership that has been in operation for more than 20 years with over 21 employees.


Non-ITES Company who shares the commitment to support the advancement of the ITeS sector, Academia, Local Private Equity Funds, IT Hardware Vendors, Local Trade Associations, Government Agencies & Institutions.


Multi-National Companies with headquarters outside Kenya, International Organizations and Companies, International Institutions & Associations.

6. Patron Member

Global Funds, Founder Member Status, supports KITOS’ mission and are committed to the principles of performance improvement, provides in kind contribution.


MoU Partners delivering Strategic Development Support to KITOS.


We charge an annual subscription fee, as detailed hereunder;

The fees are based on on the membership categories listed in the table below.

Membership Categories Annual KES
Start Up 10,000
SME 25,000
Corporate/ Enterprise 75, 000
Local Associate 150,000
International Associates 300,000
Patron 350,000
In Kind Partners

The annual subscription fees of new members joining after September in any year will be reduced to half the annual fees and those joining later than December in any financial year will be provided membership on complimentary basis for the financial year under reference, subject to their paying the necessary application and subscription charges for the subsequent year in advance.


All membership dues are payable in advance for a financial year (Jan-Dec) in full and become due on the first of April each year and are payable before the end of May that year.


The KITOS board reserves the right to revise the fee structure. Such revision is not effected more than once in a 12-month period. In all other cases, approval of the Association in a General Body meeting is required.

Checklist of Documents

If an applicant meets the eligibility criteria, they may apply for membership by sending the following to the KITOS Administrator:

  • Membership Application Form completed in all respects, duly signed and stamped.
  • Brief company profile on the company letterhead / printed corporate brochure.
  • KRA Pin Certificate 
  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • An attested copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association (If available)
  • Necessary remittances, which includes:
  1. annual membership subscription (see Subscription Fee chart)