Ongoing Engagements

To further our initiatives and objectives, KITOS has strategically aligned with several initiatives and programmes in Kenya that are beneficial to its members. Below are some of the key programmes and partnerships KITOS is either spearheading to taking an active part in.

ICT AUTHORITY (ICTA) Government Partnerships

KITOS as an industry board is able to involve its members in public procurement through its partnerships with the government. KITOS ensures that the interests of Kenya’s ICT stakeholders are represented in public-private partnerships.

  • Kenya ICT Caucus
    KITOS is part of the caucuses, which encompass ICT as a Driver of Industry, Integrated ICT Infrastructure, ICT Human Capital and Workforce, Integrated Info-Infrastructure & E-Government and Developing ICT business. The caucuses were formed to oversee the implementation of the projects outlined in the National ICT Master Plan launched in April 2014.
  • Connected East Africa
    This offers a platform in which ICT executives in the public and private sectors for networking, collaborating, capacity building and knowledge sharing on the use of ICT as a facilitator to service delivery. KITOS provides the linkages to our members on these and other ICT events that help in networking and promoting of enterprises.


KITOS also has a seat at KAM which enables members’ views and concerns to be presented to the relevant government authorities. As member you have the opportunity to participate in policy advocacy which promotes trade, investment and administration of sound policies that facilitate a competitive business environment.

KENYA PRIVATE SECTOR ALLIANCE (KEPSA) Local content & participation

As a member of KEPSA, KITOS is able to provide members with a link to the President, Ministerial and Inter-ministerial Round Table where sector issues are discussed. This gives a chance for KITOS members to have a voice within the sector and get involved in public procurement, local content, and industry participation.

NETHERLAND TRUST FUND III (NTF III) Export Competiveness, Industry standards and Capacity Building

The NTF III Kenya IT & ITeS project aims to enhance export competitiveness of the sector in Kenya with a view to increase export revenues for local enterprises. KITOS is the main beneficiary of the Trade Support Institution (TSI) strengthening activities of this project, through which its institutional capacity to deliver services to its members is improved.

By strengthening KITOS’s capacity as an institution for the benefit of its members, this project is contributing to the branding of Kenya as a recognized IT and outsourcing destination.

In addition, NTF III addresses a number of sectoral challenges:

  • Absence of IT & ITeS export plan in the sector
  • Lack of understanding of potential marketing and business generation services at TSI level
  • Lack of direct business linkages between sector SMEs and foreign buyers
  • Limited capacities in business/management and export skills at enterprise level
  • Limited awareness on funding opportunities for business growth

PRESIDENTIAL DIGITAL TALENT PROGRAMME Government Initiative and Specialty Skill Development

The Presidential Digital Talent Programme was created by the Kenyan government in partnership with both, global leading brands and successful local companies, to enhance service delivery to citizens through effective and efficient use of ICT.

The programme aims to provide young talented ICT graduates with the opportunity to gain industry experience and develop their skills working within in order to enable them to be more employable. The long-term goal is to develop a pipeline of qualified talent for the public and private sector.

The program is being implemented by ICT Authority with KITOS as a key partner with a seat on the private sector advisory council which connects our members to the pool of the programme interns, thereby helping them resolve the skills gap the sector faces in hiring new talent.

KITOS is also looking into linking this initiative for your members with the new tax incentive announced by the National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich, which allows employers who hire 10 interns for one year to claim tax rebates by paying a lower corporate tax.


IT and IT enabled Services are key part of Vision 2030. We are in the process of developing, identifying and positioning local ICT flag carriers that would form the cornerstone of the knowledge economy.

ENTERPRISE KENYA Innovation, Intellectual Property, Investment promotion

In February 2015 the ICT Authority convened a National ICT Innovation Forum that brought together top decision-makers in the innovation ecosystem and served as an exhibition forum for innovators and entrepreneurs. During the forum President Uhuru Kenyatta presided over the launch of Enterprise Kenya.

Enterprise Kenya is a national multiplier that will facilitate the development of Kenya’s export competitiveness in the global markets. Enterprise Kenya is driving the agenda on the “Buy Kenya, Build Kenya” initiative and ideally will become the vehicle for linking public and private sectors policy dialogue on technology, entrepreneurship, innovation and exports.

KITOS is part of the steering committee/management board which will help connect our members with relevant Enterprise Kenya initiatives.

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