Sam Gichuru, Co-founder, Nailab

Mr. Gichuru, is the co- founder and CEO of Nailab, one of Kenya’ s leading tech incubators. He is also the CEO of Kuhustle, an online marketplace for freelancers.

Nailab has incubated over 30 entrepreneurs in the last 4 years since its inception in 2010 with over 45% percent of the enterprises currently still running successfully and majority making monthly turnovers of over Ksh 400,000.

He has been a strong proponent on the value of mentorship and apprenticeship of young entrepreneurs viewing these entrepreneurs as a critical interface between job creation and poverty eradication among the youth. A serial entrepreneur himself, he is an angel investor in several promising startups.

He has also served as a board member of many early stage startups and established companies. He is currently serving as a board member of AKVO, a non-profit foundation that runs open source internet and mobile services to help bring development work online, that is headquartered in Netherlands.